Cook times*

Cook Time: 3-4 Hours | Desired Temp: 195º  
*Cook times may vary



  1. In preparation for cooking, allow Pork Belly to sit covered for 20-30 minutes to reach room temperature.
  2. Light your Pit Barrel® Cooker according to the instructions.
  3. Generously coat the non-fat side of the Pork Belly with PBC Beef & Game Pit Rub.
  4. Flip the meat over and cut a criss-cross pattern into the fat as shown to help crisp and render the fat.
  5. Generously coat the fat side of the Pork Belly with PBC Beef & Game Pit Rub, making sure to work it down into the cuts. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Insert two hooks into the Pork Belly and hang from the rods in the PBC.
  7. Cook for approximately 1.5-2 hours, taking it to an internal temp of 160º (shown using the ThermoWorks ChefAlarm®).
  8. Remove the Pork Belly from the PBC and wrap it in pink butcher paper (if available, tin foil can be substituted) and place back in the PBC on the grill grate.
  9. Cook for another 1-1.5 hours, bringing the internal temp to 195º.
  10. Remove paper (or foil) and place the meat back on the grill grate fat-side down, crack the lid, and cook for another 20 minutes to crisp.
  11. Remove from the PBC and cut into 1/4″ slices.
  12. Plate, serve, and enjoy!

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