Holiday Turkey

Cook times*

10 lbs=3 hrs
20 lbs=5 hrs
20-30 lbs=5-7 hrs
Cook to Internal Temp of 165º in dark meat

*Cook times are approximate and may vary


Although you can stuff your smoked turkey prior to cooking, like in any cooker, it may require longer cook times to ensure proper doneness of the stuffing and may affect the moistness of the turkey.
If you do choose to stuff your bird, make sure that all stuffing ingredients are thoroughly cooked prior to consumption.


  1. Light your Pit Barrel® Cooker (PBC) according to the instructions.
  2. Remove the turkey from the package, remove the neck and giblet bag from inside the turkey, and remove any plastic or wire ties holding the legs in place.
  3. Coat all sides of the turkey with a light coating of olive oil, followed by a liberal dusting of the All-Purpose Pit Rub.
    Tip: Make sure that you season the areas under the wings, and inside the cavity.
  4. Slide the turkey hanger rod through the cavity from the neck end. Turn the bird upright so that the breast end is sitting on the double-hook portion of the hanger, and insert the T-bar through the eye on the end of the hanger rod.
    Stuffing Tip: If stuffing your bird, cut a slit in the flap of skin over the neck, insert the hanger rod through the slit, and fold it over to seal the opening on the underside of the bird.
  5. Hang the turkey(s) in the center of the PBC so that the T-bar straddles the center of the rods, and secure the lid. Note: depending on the size of the turkey, you may have to lower the turkey(s) into the cooker before inserting the second rod.
  6. Cook approximately 3.5-7 hours, depending on size of the bird. To better understand poultry cook times and safe temperatures, refer to the Meat Temperature Guide from our friends at
    Tip: It’s fun and useful to look in on the turkey every couple hours to monitor the progress and take the temperature. Also, to get an extra crisp on the skin, crack the lid 1/4″ for the last 30 mins of the cook.
  7. Remove the smoked turkey from the PBC to a large platter or sheet pan. Remove the hanger and let rest 15-20 minutes, bringing the final temperature to 165° (shown using the ThermoWorks Thermapen®).
  8. Carve, serve and enjoy!

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