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Limited Edition Carving Set


We are proud to present our customers with this Carving Knife and Fork Set to enhance your Pit Barrel experience. This is a 10 inch Damascus style knife, made of high-carbon Japanese steel that is folded over itself 67 times. Not only does this result in a beautiful pattern that is unique to each blade, but an incredibly sharp, long-lasting, easy to maintain edge. A real wood handle and custom carved button finish it off and take an already spectacular blade to the next level. Any chef will tell you the most important tool he or she has is a good knife – once you’ve held this in your hands and felt it glide through cuts, it is sure to become your go-to knife in the kitchen.

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The 10″ Carving Knife and Fork Set is a Damascus style knife made of high-carbon Japanese stainless steel, folded 67 times.